In the framework of 'Hidden & Forbidden Identities' SOUND NOMADS works will be on display at multiple venues in Venice/Italy during the Biennale 2012. The exhibition will take place from February 11 to March 10, screenings February 11-21.

Among the venues are Palazzo Albrizzi/Cannaregio, Procuratie Court Yards/San Marco, Giardini Greenhouse/Castello, Parish Church San Giovanni Battista in Bragora/Castello, Venezia Terminal Passeggeri/Stazione Marittima/Dorsoduro, Residence I.R.E Zitelle.

A new personal section of self-interviews is up and running and will extend over time with self-reflections.

A small matching photo series is available as well: LA Night. It reflects my initial feelings when I moved to Los Angeles earlier this year. It seems you know everything already from the movies, but at the second sight you discover it's real.

Some new photo series can be found in the following sections:
Conceptual: White Dots: Gray, Silver. Editorial: Bombay Beach, Dunes, Heat and Dust, Orange Maze.

Gorgeous locations have been discovered once again and as you can see even at this time of the year it's still warm in some places of Southern California ...

It's time to proudly announce the launch of this totally redesigned website gerger.com. A very ambitious rethinking and development of a clean and very reduced design. Content and structure are further refined and backed by the greatly enhanced, self developed o0oo System V6. This content management system has tons of new innovations on board, greatly enhanced speed, and moved into the cloud (AWS). More about the tight Flickr and Lightroom integration and some groundbreaking workflows in a future blog entry. At the same time the research area is moving to a new home with another upcoming launch of the studio's LA K50 website.

As much as I love design, it still turned out to disrupt artistic works and content on this site again and again. It's a balancing act between silence, aesthetics, expressions, emotions, statements, character, and beauty. I think, for the first time i really nailed my own hopes and expectations with a relaunch of this portfolio and platform. Only time will tell, but surprisingly I'm contented and not so restless which is quite unique.

I'm very excited to unwrap a new sponsor partnership with X-Rite. It's important to say that partnerships are only established with companies producing or offering very high class products/services I'm absolutely convinced of their quality and value for demanding productions.

You really can't go better than X-Rite if it comes to professional color control. X-Rite, which now includes color industry leader Pantone, is the global leader in color science and technology. Besides its use in photo productions, an i1Photo/Publish Pro will be also used in a new project in a pretty uncommon way.

A huge number of works of the last years are now available to the public for the first time.
These unseen photo works are all part of larger series and can be seen in four different categories in the photography section of this website.
It's about series, stories, characters, and moments in between.

'The process or period of changing from one state or condition to another ...'

Website updates have become less frequent as the last year has been emotional yet very productive.
I relocated from Berlin to Los Angeles at the beginning of 2011. Several side projects and international collaborations arose behind the scenes, tons of important platform migrations and decisions have been made. On the whole, my work is still getting more personal and sensitive. Emotions drive me to very specific aesthetics, new ways of thinking ... colors are about to fade away, other details arise.
New ambitious works are currently in development and will be ready to be published bit by bit over the coming months. The new photography portfolio is making progress, too.

Finally, it will be a pleasure to announce new sponsor partnerships with some of the biggest names in business soon ...

SOUND NOMADS was also introduced at the Kyoto Art Center this September. It represented the feature program for the Japan Media Arts Festival's art division.

From Jul 29 to Sep 23 2010 the new series midsummer * one night * a dream will be on display at the Berlin exhibition space kultpur. The work shown has been created in the framework of '1 month project' and in regards to the current two monthly theme of the venue.

So Fresh! juried exhibitions were open to the public at the Mestna Galerija di Nova Gorica in Slovenia last month as well as at the Galleria Medusa of Koper-Capodistria in Italy back in January.

The jury committee of the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival has recommended SOUND NOMADS as excellent work in the art division 'Visual Image'.

The Festival and exhibition is held from Feb 3 to Feb 14 2010 at The National Art Center, Tokyo. The NACT is one of the largest art exhibition facilities in Japan.

Visions in New York City will be presenting SOUND NOMADS at Art Basel Miami Beach from Dec 3-6 2009. Art Basel Miami Beach is the most important art show in the United States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas. As the sister event of Switzerland's Art Basel, the most prestigious art show worldwide for the past 40 years, Art Basel Miami Beach combines an international selection of top galleries with an exciting program of special exhibitions, parties and crossover events featuring music, film, architecture and design.

SOUND NOMADS as part of So Fresh! will also be shown at Art-Kino Croatia of Rijeka in Croatia Dec 7-13 2009.

The work 'Black Balloons' has been selected for competition at the international section of MADATAC, Madrid Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts. Screenings taking place at the Academia De Cine in Madrid Dec 10-12 2009.

One of the works finished in Tel Aviv earlier this year was part of VIDEOKILLS International Video Arts Festival 2009 (V:InVAF) in Berlin last week (Aug 26 - 30 2009). Amazing location: Stattbad.

The following exhibits have been extended: The highly successful show at LACDA has been extend to be open on Thursday September 10 for the upcoming LA Downtown ArtWalk. FILE 2009 in São Paulo has been extended to Sep 20. The Factory Exhibition at MoBY in Israel runs until Oct 10 2009.

SOUND NOMADS works are on display at LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) as the central part of DigitalArt.LA, the multi-site international digital art expo. This exhibit - juried by Rita Gonzalez, curator of contemporary art, LACMA (L.A. County Museum of Art) - will run through September 5 2009. Reception: today 7PM.

Furthermore, the work 'Lantern Dogs' is on show at this year's Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles. It's part of the program 'Digital Arts Shorts'.

Screengrab, an exciting collection of screenbased works from across the globe at the eMerge Media Space. The exhibition including 'Luxor 22.145' runs until Aug 21, 2009. The reception took place on Aug 7.

Side note: A recent radio show by Somaya Langley on ABC Classic FM Australia featured audio pieces from SOUND NOMADS among other media art works, since I've been selected for Electrofringe's residences program (taking place this fall). It's still possible to listen to it online. The broadcast will be available until mid-August. Direct links: Real Audio | Windows Media

SOUND NOMADS works will be part of the FILE Media Art 2009 Exhibition in São Paulo/Brazil from Jul 28 to Aug 30 2009. FILE - Electronic Language International Festival - is one of the most renowned events for art and technology in the world.

Luxor 22.145 Screenings at the CON-CAN Movie Festival in Tokyo/Japan will start on Jul 31 2009.

SOUND NOMADS works are part of the exhibition Istanbul-Off-Spaces at the Kunstraum Bethanien in Berlin. Opening tomorrow Fri, Jul 3 at 7 PM. The show runs from Jul 4 through Aug 16 2009.

MAY 28Art Performance: 'Still Evidence of Water'
LocationParking Garage Complex, Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Timeframe0:00-1:30 AM [1h 30min] | 2:15 min. Video Runtime
PreparationMAY 28. sound recordings, composing, sensor calibrations, software adjustments
Guest NomadMangara aka Matthias Cermak


Deserts, dry landscapes, signs of water, but rarely evidence, no proof. Access to water in the Middle East, a sensitive and critical issue. Catalyzing the peace process or inhibiting it. Screaming out loud - water - drinking - no heartbeat. Images looming beyond the horizon. Silence - drought - blood - alive?

In a nightly action a hotel parking garage turns into an imaginary water hole. A performance work in the frame of 'Factory' invited by MoBY (Museums of Bat Yam).

Technology: A microphone as an acoustic sensor hanging down from the roof. Screaming provokes crossfading from ECG monitor sounds to slurping noises. Silence brings the heartbeat back.