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Luxor 22.145 will be screened as Part of Program 1 on the CON-CAN website starting from July 31 (Japan Standard Time) for one whole week, until August 6, 2009. At that time, registered members of CON-CAN will be able to rate (1~5 pts.) and place reviews. Once the streaming period is over, the Audience Award will be presented to the film which has obtained the highest rating.

In addition to the Audience Award competition, the film will be entered into the CON-CAN competition. In the CON-CAN competition, the work will undergo a further screening process by a variety of movie-related professionals who will decide the CON-CAN Grand Prix, Special Jury Award, and the Best Picture Award (1 movie selected from each of the 4 genres: Animation, Documentary, Experimental, and Fiction). The final nominees will be announced at the beginning of October, 2009.

The work will also be presented in various venues in Tokyo and other Cities in Japan.

The Jury

Chris Fujiwara (Film Critic, USA)Chris F
Jukka-Pekka Laakso (Director of Tampere Film Festival Finland)
Ngo Phuong Lan (Chairperson of the Council of Theory and Criticism at the Vietnam Cinema Association Vietnam)
Naomi Kawase (Filmmaker, Japan)


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