Since the relaunch last year, this website has been constantly further developed and some new functions and content have been added.

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Constant improvements and enhancements of v-a-m-p.com and the o0oo System allow ongoing new features and ensure an optimal performance and an intuitive navigation. Some functions are unique.

Since the end of 2005, most of the content is available in German and English. Elaborate translations ensure a first-class internationalization. Special thanks to Shane Anderson.

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Research Alpha 0.1
As a first small preview, the research section is online.

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The content is expanding constantly, too, as well as blowing up in terms of the variety of integrated media formats.

Native Instruments supports Ger Ger's SOUND NOMADS.

With the Native Instruments sponsorship, the multiple award-winning product NI KOMPLETE will find its application in extreme performances. Native Instruments is the pioneer and market leader in the field of software instruments, and one of the key players in the market of computer-based audio production technology. With a great innovative portfolio, NI offers the optimal complement to the SOUND NOMADS settings.

In recent years, Native Instruments software has inspired entire musical genres and defined the sound of countless professional productions.

The extensive product range combines outstanding sound quality with far-reaching sonic possibilities, opens up new creative horizons, and covers the whole field of digital music creation. The range goes from the ground-breaking modular sound design software REAKTOR to fascinating synthesizers such as ABSYNTH and FM7, versatile sampling instruments like KONTAKT and BATTERY, authentic vintage emulations like the B4 and ELEKTRIK PIANO, unique effects processors such as VOKATOR and NI SPEKTRAL DELAY and last but not least to the revolutionary digital guitar studio GUITAR RIG.


The San Francisco based company Cycling '74 is a silver sponsor of SOUND NOMADS.

In Ger Ger's interactive installation projects, MAX/MSP was often put into use. But with SOUND NOMADS - the high-tech/public/sound/performance art project - and this sponsorship, a very special tight and intimate relationship with MAX/MSP comes into play. Official start of SOUND NOMADS: end of June 2006.

Cycling '74 creates and distributes Mac OS and Windows software for audio, video, and multimedia innovators. Products include the Max/MSP/Jitter graphical programming environment, the Pluggo, Mode and Hipno collections of
Max/MSP-based audio plug-ins, the Radial loop-based composition and performance system, the Octirama and UpMix advanced surround design tools, and the interactive algorithmic composition program M.

Cycling '74 also releases creative musical and multimedia works through their c74 recording label and audio source libraries for musicians, sound designers and media producers through its Cycles series.


Celemony supports the project SOUND NOMADS as a silver sponsor.

Celemony's sponsorship of SOUND NOMADS allows for many more creative and unique methods of handling sound materials and transforming noises into music.

The audio recording software Melodyne makes possible an unconventional and free creative way of accessing audio data. With Melodyne, for example, the pitch, timing, phrasing and formants can be edited independently of one another, arbitrarily and in highly awarded sound quality.

With SOUND NOMADS Melodyne Studio comes into play, a project feature and a statement on celemony.com is anticipated to appear by the end of the year.

Melodyne was presented for the first time in 2001, at the Winter NAMM Show, and has won numerous international prizes both for its innovative approach and for its fantastic sound quality.


The interactive installation from the work cycle ReReligion, with its confession-podcast functions, is immediately available for everyone to purchase in a 10 day auction on Ebay.

Jan 27, hake fillet on white wine sauce. North Mensa. Pretty damn quick to the Charité: Fishbone in my throat. General anaesthesia. Night in Hospital. The next morning left for a presentation of the Art Director Club. The bone remained unfound (ostensibly common in this case) and presumably lost during the search with the doctors tools. Still have a sore throat, but will hopefully totally recover from the fish attack soon. BTW: Server uptime: exactly 356 days. Reboot.

Seeing as today is my birthday, I've decided to introduce a symbolic birthday donation. This year, the grand sum of 1 Dollar goes to ... Colin's current contest "Windows XP on an Intel Mac".

The Contest: Colin's MacBook is shipping on the 15th of February. He told his boss that this would replace his IBM desktop and he could boot Windows XP on it. He is still confident it can be done. He is pledging $100 of his own money and offering anyone else who would like the instructions on how to Dual boot these two operating systems the ability to donate some of their money into the pot as a reward for the person / group that can make dual-booting Mac OS X and Windows XP happen on an Intel Mac.
http://www.winxponmac.com . http://www.condoski.com/The%20Contest.html

Small bronze sponsorships from two different companies.

The Munich based company with its competence in mobile applications, is making available its line of products (including FinPocket).


Reise Know-How/Grundmann Publisher
The Dr. Hans-R. Grundmann publisher supports the project development of SOUND NOMADS 2006 with various publications. The publishing house is in its department an undisputed champion.

http://www.grundmann-verlag.de . http://www.reise-know-how.de

This New Year's Eve was a very Italian move into the New Year in Berlin. Don't forget: pink champagne after a Bumm-Bumm odyssey zigzagging through Rosenthaler Strasse and Auguststrasse.

Explosions of new announcements from the CES ensure an exciting beginning of the New Year as well. The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (January 5-8, 2006) serves once again as a platform for presenting new technological advancements and gadgets from altogether 2,500 exhibiting companies.

CES live webcast: http://ces2006.edgesuite.net/ces2006.asx

The work on the projects for 2006 already began a couple of months ago - so much for now: it will be an exciting year!

Artist support and project sponsor, Sony Media Software sponsors Ger Ger and the project Sound Nomads.

Sony Media Software's Professional Solutions array of products is synonymous with professional audio/video editing and processing. Sound Forge®, Acid® Pro and Vegas® find their application as worldwide industry standards among other things in the production in leading recording studios, post production, broadcast and media complexes, home studios and in radio stations. Through the sponsorship access to diverse sound libraries and premium media creation software is possible.

Once again a partnership with a star of the industry, two exciting years are to be expected.

Sony Media Software, a business unit of Sony Corporation of America.


This year's international fair for contemporary art was well frequented. Some galleries presented themselves to be very sympathetic and refreshing, but others were very uptight and a bit aged. In any case, I was pleased with some of the program's discussions.
A side project of the Art Forum (by Kristofer Paetau), which made its rounds on various mailing lists: Art Forum Accident.

ColorVision supports Ger Ger with studio products for professional color calibration.

ColorVision is one of the world wide leading companies for monitor and color calibration systems.

The given tools from the sponsor partnership, like the Spyder2PRO, leave nothing to wish for in the studio everyday life as well as in complex workflow situations. In its newest generation, they once again work more precisely and therewith further raise part of the security for permanent correct color consistency in screen, print and TV.

ColorVision/Datacolor is also a member of the International Color Consortium (ICC) and promotion member of the "Arbeitskreis Digitale Fotografie" (adf), ("working group for digital photograpy").


For the last evening of the farewell project 'Der Berg' at Berlin's Palast der Republik, there was a final possibility for a hike thorugh the exhibit ...
Organizers: Sophiensæle, HAU, raumlabor_berlin, Club Real

Went to the 51st Biennale in Venice. Conclusion: hits and misses. The exhibition at the Arsenale was satisfying, the exhibit at the Giardini was in part, but only a few of the pavilions put their best foot forward ...
For the first time, two women, María de Corral und Rosa Martíne, were responsible for the international art exhibition. In 2003 works from over 300 artists were shown, whereas this time 100 artists were involved.

Pantone® 369 C replaces Pantone® 448 C. For almost two weeks the grass has been growing in the small personal lit courtyard of the studio. Instant-Deep-Green thanks to Ebay's rolled sod. If the new garden survives the next few weeks, then nothing should stand in the way of working there. In nine days the grass will be able to withstand weight. Mud brown goes for a fresh new look!

The last as well as the following weeks also mean the wrap-up of ReReligion, a belated analog+digital spring clean, various workflow-improvements and thoughts for new projects.

Today the first two new mixed media paintings of the continuation of the UNISEX Series were completed. In the next few days the series will be treated with varnish.

With over 750,000 online customers, Thomann is the number one online music shop in Europe and one of the 50 strongest growing businesses in Bavaria.

The sponsor partnership will remain intact until June 2006.


After three months of unspeakably intense work, the first two installations of the cycle ReReligion could be finished in Berlin. In the last few days, the first exhibition of these works in the Museumsquartier in Vienna came to an end. After a multi-day assembly and disassembly, at the end of the week the works will once again be on their way back to Berlin.
The end of the three week residence in Vienna has finally meant more sleep for me in the last few nights. At last it was possible to relax by going to "Heurigen," waterslides, a few parties, the "Donauinselfest", as well as the chance to meet up with a few old friends.

June 17-26, 2005, the first two works in the cycle ReReligion will be seen in quartier21/MQ in Vienna. The opening takes place on June 19 at 7 PM.

Religion between reflection and redesign: the installation CONFESS.OR invites one to public confession and JAM Bears traces the arc back to sin.

The ReReligion project pages with gathered information and downloads can be found under the URL http://www.rereligion.com or directly here.

Another sponsor for the ReReligion cycle could be attained with autasi. JAM Bears is the second work in the cycle, and will be first seen together with CONFESS.OR in Vienna in June 2005.

Autasi GmbH, specialists in pole and pollard. Viehwasen 18, 70327 Stuttgart.