Shoot Through

Seeing only parts of a reality not only simplifies life for a moment but let us also focus. Observations through a peephole - patterns as a tool to separate elements in a landscape.

Like a construction kit. Blurry edges, sharp edges, borders, then dull softness, comparable to a glimpse into a compound, a sub-world. The desert as an aquarium. Observation as a step for understanding. Seeing less lets sometimes perceive more...

Ger’s works from Joshua Tree are quite site-specific. It's all about the place and the process. Being part of the environment for a point in time and creating ephemeral playgrounds.
The biggest impact on his body of work during the Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency in summer 2012 have had the ever present (even though blurred) borders between human and nature.
He tried to have a very childish and naive view on things and to forget about every single detail he might have already known. It also means seeing Joshua trees as people. He fell in love.