SEP 26Art Performance: 'Lantern Dogs'
LocationLos Angeles, CA/USA
Timeframe3:45-5:30 PM | ??:00 min. Video Runtime
PreparationSEP 07, SEP 22 [2 days]. MAX/MSP, sound editing, track composing, callibration


Los Angeles dogs and puppies. Sidewalks - rich, poor, famous, empty. Beverly Hills lost and found in translation. Who is the dog - we are what we do. Watch out for the sweet and lovely lamp posts - in broad light, by day and by night.

Technology: With the help of some self-developed RT noise generators, the lamp post become playable through distance sensors. Live audio inputs and master track round off the setting.

As one of our last actions in LA, manholes became recording studios. The soundscape of the city captured blurred.

SEP 25Art Performance: 'Sound Pets LA'
LocationLos Angeles, CA/USA
Timeframe1 day | ??:00 min. Video Runtime
PreparationSEP 23-24 [2 days]. MAX/MSP, sound recording and editing, track composing, pet reconstruction, callibration

Video Clip: Coming soon!

Never change a winning team ... after the success in San Francisco, we took the chance to reinvent the sound pets in LA with refurbished beats and a new language. Creatures fed with sound samples are playing their own rhythms based on the city's intensities of light and shadow.

Technology: Two light sensors - each mounted in a handsized transparent cube - are brought to life. A day around Los Angeles with the two unconventional pets. Software development for a certain level of autonomous intelligence and precise calibration allow these pets to emit beats and to place fast food orders along the way. Beat - order pet 1 - beat - order pet 2 - beat ... Light intensity (shadows of buildings, time of day, etc) as well as movements are responsible for the selection of fast food pool samples. The stopping of a pet manifests itself as the momentary arresting of the rhythmic chain.

SEP 22: Back to the starting point - the countdown runs, still 5 SOUND NOMADS days left in LA.

SEP 21Art Performance: 'Victor's Desert Party'
LocationGoffs, CA/USA
Timeframe5:00-7:00 PM | ??:00 min. Video Runtime
PreparationSEP 07-08, SEP 21 [3 days]. MAX/MSP, sound recording and editing, track composing, callibration

Video Clip: Coming soon!

Victor, the good guy behind the scenes. In honor of him a desert party was thrown last Thursday. Beats triggered by his turn signals, wired headlights, collective shaking/moving/sliding ...

Technology: In various ways the car becomes playable through sensors. Light sensors on the blinkers and on the headlights trigger samples; distance sensors generate sound changes to the master track when the car moves. Party karaoke thanks to the mic-in megaphone.

SEP 20Art Performance: 'Luxor 22.145'
LocationLuxor Hotel and Casino/Las Vegas, NV/USA
Timeframe7:00 PM - 3:00 AM | ??:00 min. Video Runtime
PreparationSEP 18-20 [3 days]. MAX/MSP, sound editing, track composing, callibration, storyboard


As planned - a m/hotel performance went down in Vegas. Luxor: rooms 4455, employees 4000, casino 120,000 square feet, 250 miles visible Xenon light shot. Room No. 22.145: sensor equipped bending matresses, sound generating moving chairs, pitch shifting ironing and flickering lights.

Technology: Lamps become sound triggers and pitch shifters by means of light sensors, irons turn into turntables through pressure sensors, chairs become free-moving VST instruments through sensor combinations. Mattresses (bend it over), drawers (open/close), closet doors, curtains (movements) and the TV set (light intensity of a selected channel) become a sampler ... This performance consists of seven essentially different superstructures and interactive scenarios. A night in the luxury hotel becomes a performance night.

SEP 19: Pools, sun, lights, nights, party, slots, splash, poker, roulette, siegfried & roy, casino, pools, girls, buffets, skin, lights, folies bergere, money, ... nope, not for us. SN performance #7.

Welcome Nevada. One night in Valley of Fire State Park under the stars. Next stop: Vegas.

Much of the time in Utah was spent with travelling, but lots of ideas and additional energy emerged in this desolated region.

SEP 16: An incidental meeting with rodeo riders at the gas station brought us to the today's rodeo high school event in Cedar City for SOUND NOMADS field recordings.

SEP 16Art Performance: 'Play'
LocationCedar City, UT/USA
Timeframe13:00-16:00 PM | 2:00 min. Video Runtime
PreparationAUG 31, SEP 07-09 [3 days]. MAX/MSP, sound recording and editing, track composing, callibration, props


Entertainment can have positive impacts on us, it can destroy and break. Unachievable fantastic sim worlds, growing frustrations, offendings, suppressions of problems ... Play!

Technology: Live pitching of audio sample with distance sensor on the ground. Sensor equipped rocking dog as music score controller.

SEP 14: Appropriate for the harsh monsoon weather we've currently settled down in a cabin near Torrey/UT.

SEP 12: As it gets more difficult to explore new sounds to work with in these areas, we are ready to give up these awsome landscapes for Vegas.

SEP 12: After our short trip to Arizona, breathtaking views (and sounds?) in Utah.

SEP 11Art Performance: 'What the Fuck'
LocationKanab, UT/USA
Timeframe7:10-9:15 PM | (Pre) 2:13 min. (Post) 3:40 min. Video Runtime
PreparationSEP 06-08 [1 1/2 day]. MAX/MSP, sound recording and editing


Native Americans are living in fenced Indian reservations in times when signs of the brutal history completely disappeared. Monuments remembering the loss are rare and voids remain. For two hours an empty billboard in Utah converted into an ephemeral interactive memorial. An investigation of history and memory, meaning and interrelations. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Technology: In covering up sensors hanging off the billboard with the palm of the hand, single syllables are unveiled.

Only a few places find their way into performances ...

Next SOUND NOMADS performances in pipeline. Search for further sound sources and playgrounds. Long trips.

Arizona, current field for SOUND NOMADS explorations.