SEP 11Art Performance: 'What the Fuck'
LocationKanab, UT/USA
Timeframe7:10-9:15 PM | (Pre) 2:13 min. (Post) 3:40 min. Video Runtime
PreparationSEP 06-08 [1 1/2 day]. MAX/MSP, sound recording and editing


Native Americans are living in fenced Indian reservations in times when signs of the brutal history completely disappeared. Monuments remembering the loss are rare and voids remain. For two hours an empty billboard in Utah converted into an ephemeral interactive memorial. An investigation of history and memory, meaning and interrelations. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Technology: In covering up sensors hanging off the billboard with the palm of the hand, single syllables are unveiled.

Only a few places find their way into performances ...

Next SOUND NOMADS performances in pipeline. Search for further sound sources and playgrounds. Long trips.

Arizona, current field for SOUND NOMADS explorations.

SEP 03Art Performance: 'Sound Pets'
LocationSan Francisco, CA/USA
Timeframe1 day | ??:00 min. Video Runtime
PreparationAUG 31-SEP 02 [2 1/2 days]. MAX/MSP, sound editing, track composing, pet construction, callibration
Challengespolice, weather conditions

Video Clip: Coming soon!

This time one of SOUND NOMADS' fundaments to reflect on situations of everyday life and the surroundings as directly as possible should be transferred. The 'Sound Pets' were born. Creatures fed with sound samples are playing their own rhythms based on the city's intensities of light and shadow.

Technology: Two light sensors - each mounted in a handsized transparent cube - are brought to life. A day around San Francisco with the two unconventional pets. Software development for a certain level of autonomous intelligence and precise calibration allow these pets to emit beats and recordings of sound huntings along the way. Beat – car wash sound pet 1 - beat – motel sound pet 2 - beat ... Light intensity (shadows of buildings, time of day, etc) as well as movements are responsible for the selection of samples out of the two sound pools. The stopping of a pet manifests itself as the momentary arresting of the rhythmic chain.

Finally, Victor alias 'the great soft-hearted car' gets his long overdue car wash in return for his 24/7 service. OK sure, sound recordings inclusive. But boy, you look so great!! Thanks goes to Gary and Michael (Elephant Car Wash Rancho Mirage).

AUG 15Art Performance: 'Black Balloons'
LocationCholla Cactus Garden/Joshua Tree NP, CA/USA
Timeframe8:30-10:30 AM | 2:30 min./4:50 min. Video Runtime
PreparationAUG 09-14 [3 days]. camping dinner recordings and splash huntings, track composing, balloon research, sensor callibrations, software development/adjustments
Challengescar breakdown - one day overdue/second take necessary, bursting balloons (tent solution), tricky mounting and callibration of sensors, heat


Deserts as environments of extreme heat may cause serious stresses and fragilities in different manners. Contrasts of vulnerability and eternal unbreakables. The appearance of balloons and cactuses side by side, a love-hate relationship with dangerous consequences.

Technology: When balloons burst/explode, sensors on the inside of the balloons become exposed, leaving sounds behind. Out of complete silence, a soundscape gradually emerges. Light sensors power the master track ... One of the balloons differs from the others, simulates, by means of a distance sensor, a water balloon, now silent due to the explosion and lost water. RT sound processing from the assessed sensor data.

AUG 14: Big eye Joshua Tree stowaway (we adore her eyes!!) in spite of our increasingly risky rides. (We did it again - flat tire deluxe.)

AUG 12Art Performance: 'Shoot Down Out'
LocationPalm Court Inn. Room 205/Palm Springs, CA/USA
Timeframe6:00-9:30 PM | 4:00 min. Video Runtime
PreparationAUG 12 [1 day]. sensor callibrations, software development/adjustments, instrument triggers
Challengesroom size, cpu power, MAX/MSP stability issues


A motel bathroom - a hidden place for poor clothes shootouts. No pre-composed audio tracks at this time, a peaceful realtime living system on its own. Quietness, slowness. Continuous rhizome multi-channel instruments, only disturbed by human impact. Artistic reflections on the recurring contrasts between nature and urban environments and the American historical efforts to control nature. Cities represent the most intensive human modifications of the physical environment.

Technology: A variety of distance sensors combined with software settings form an autonomous system. Through external interferences, sensor calibrations become confused for a moment and affect clear/orderly tones of the VSTis. Thereafter the system returns to a seemingly chaotic autonomous state.

AUG 9: San Diego - Anza-Borrego Desert State Park - Palm Springs.

Sensor equipped drawers pushed to their limits in yesterday's nightly actions.

Victor lost his rear tire. Sabotage seems to be continued. The E-mail subscription service for v-a-m-p.com site update alerts is currently down: Yutter experienced a a chain of events these days. BTW, the 'compromised credit card'-tour of the thief so far:

AUG 01 2006Rite Aid Store 6016Sonora/CAUSD 291,89
AUG 01 2006Indian Creek CarwashSonora/CAUSD 12,95
AUG 01 2006Indian Creek CarwashSonora/CAUSD 20,32
JUL 31 2006Longs Drug Stores 233Jackson/CAUSD 321,43
JUL 31 2006Shell Oil 57441212107Pollock Pines/CAUSD 33,49

JUL 05: Troubleshooting in the waves. Sunny. Boy!

Hey dude, go out for a bowl. We did so yesterday at Santa Monica's Bay Shore Lanes. Sure, we couldn't leave our hands off firering up our recording devices.

Back in L.A. for some days: Somebody crashed into our car, several criminal cases and guess what, Malibu without sun ...

Yesterday: Cool refreshing bath at 10,000 feet (ca. 3000 m) in the High Sierra after days without showers.