Heute wurde '7 days/week' an der UdK in Berlin präsentiert.

Das Experimental-Projekt ist somit nach 3 Monaten Entwicklungs- und Arbeitszeit zu einem Ende gekommen. Einzelne Konzepte und Performances werden aber noch weiter verfolgt werden.

Mehr dazu direkt unter: 7 days / week

Kunsthalle Wien - Karlsplatz Project Space

Do, 26.Sep. 2002 Pressegespräch und Preview
Fr, 27.Sep. 2002 die Arbeiten sind öffentlich zugänglich

Die dazu von Christof Priglinger, Ger Ger und Monica Singer entstandene Arbeit zum Themenkomplex family: [MT] Mittagstisch


Der Einladung von ONE (Connect Austria, eines der größten Telekommunikationsunternehmen Österreichs) gefolgt, arbeitet Ger Ger zusammen mit acht weiteren Künstlern und Designern und der Unterstützung der Mobile Living Abteilung, der Future One Abteilung und section.a an Visionen der Zukunft.
Strategische Vorhaben div. Projekte und neue Ausrichtungen des Unternehmens können die Folge sein.
07.-17. März Prephase
18.-20. März Think Tank, Wien.
danach Ausarbeitung der ausgewählten Projekte.

Move from Vienna to Berlin: Feb/March 2002.

I continue to work on o0oo respectively the first o0oo long film production 'Kartonage' as well as other artistic projects in Berlin – as well as the experimental studies of Digital Arts/Media Design (Peter Weibel, Thomas Fuerstner, Karel Dudesek) through a scholarship from the University of Arts (UdK/HdK) Berlin (Visual Communication, Joachim Sauter).

Presumed length of stay: 3 years.

Diverse project/workshop/work relationships in Vienna remain in tact ...

Starting immediately all five video clips from the completed project "Freeze" (1999) can be also watched on PalmOS PDAs!

The clips can be downloaded in three appropriate Palm versions (grey/color/clié).
To play the clips, the free gMovie Player 2.0 (or higher) is required.

NOTE: the project web page may cause incorrect rendering in browsers other than Internet Explorer 4 and higher. A browser independent version was planned but not yet implemented.

Download Page: offline

Together Team Solutions announced the sponsorship of SSL license fees for o0oo.net.

The SSL encryption should increase the security of the o0oo .private space and the intranet work platform. The sponsorship lasts for two years.

The FILE-2001 edition will also be shown in Curitiba City, Paraná, in Brazil.

This event will be holding a short cycle of talks with some of the Brazillians new media professionals.
This is a new experimental step of this festival in São Paulo1.


On view on November 4 at the Kunsthalle Vienna, MuseumsQuartier.

After the first thoroughly positive test performances of Kartonage at this year's Ars Electronica September 1-4 in Linz, a first cut of the material will be presented at the Kunsthalle Vienna.

The cut will be adapted for the "tvrolle" and on Nov. 4, 2001 at 3 PM it will be shown as part of the exhibition TELEVISIONS.

TELEVISIONS - Kunst sieht fern
October 18, 2001 - January 6, 2002, Halle 1
Kunsthalle Wien, neues Haus (MuseumsQuartier)
Tip: free entry with every Viennale ticket!!


Kartonage performances in public.

Within the scope of o0oo longfilm production #1 Kartonage, test performances will take place in public September 1–4.

T.O.C. Takeover Campus and public places


NETDUMP has been selected to be part of the FILE-2001 electronic language international festival.

The event takes place at the Museu da Imagem e do Som, in São Paulo city, from August 7 to September 2, 2001. It will be online all year around.


The Lauda Air Inflight Magazine up writes about me in their current issue under the title "einfach flashig" [edition topic: "cool"]. The small portrait names Ger Ger aka Gerhard Schwoiger in conclusion as "one of the most direct artists" ...

Freeze Soundproject on the LAB-AC.AT compilation and in MUMOK.

The Freeze Soundproject - which arose as part of the commerce vs. art project "Freeze" in the last year - can now be found on the first LAB-AC.AT audio compilation 01.

It can also be (seen)/heard at the exhibition MOVING OUT from June 29 to July 8, 2001: at the Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, MuseumsQuartier.

Sponsoring: video streaming and wireless broadband for the o0oo film production.

The sponsoring will be overtaken from culture.vbs i.e. Silver Server.

The meaning for o0oo: live streams from the film location and interaction through o0oo.net to the set will be possible! Wireless connections for sets in Vienna, real video server (unlimited bandwidth!), public downloads of set recordings also available on demand ...

Silver Server already supports the project Netdump. Many thanks for the friendly collaboration.

Amendment April 2005
The o0oo film production was in the meantime given the name Kartonage. o0oo.net will be integrated into the platform v-a-m-p.com. The name o0oo and the URL remain in existence solely for the developing technical system.

Due to the change of the concept of Kartonage, the Silver Server sponsoring for the streaming has not yet been used.

NETDUMP is praised again! Winner of the Award MB21/CYNETart 2000 in the Category: Internet.

The award ceremony takes place in Dresden's Stadttheater on November 9, 2000.

Exhibition/presentation in Dresden's Kunsthalle: November 9-26, 2000.

http://www.netdump.org . http://www.netdump.org/press_kit/mb21_00/

Ger Ger follows the invitation to Open 00 for presentation and participation in the exhibition with NETDUMP.

Open is a multi-sited creative laboratory taking place across the London borough of Camden on November 6-7, 2000.
Open looks at the impact of digital technology on emerging arts practice and youth culture, and features a number of inter-linked events including exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, webcasts, and keynote speeches.
The event takes its cue from one of the most intriguing stories in digital information history - the phenomenon of Open source software.

Roundhouse (Undercroft), Interchange, British Library

http://www.netdump.org . http://www.netdump.org/press_kit/open_00/

Ger Ger presents NETDUMP within the scope of the conference, the exhibition and the online exhibition.

October 25-29: exhibition (netdump kiosk system exhibition)
October 27-29: conference (presentation)
Oct. 25 – Nov. 12: electrohype web (online presentation)

http://www.netdump.org . http://www.netdump.org/press_kit/electrohype_00/

Ger Ger receives an award for the project NETDUMP at this year's Prix Ars Electronica 2000 (category u19)!

The Prix has been a fixed component of the Ars Electronica for years. Wikipedia: this prize is often called the "Oscar" of computer art.
The festival of Ars Electronica has yearly taken place in Linz since 1979, accompanied by a large media echo. It is the world's leading and most important festival for digital arts/media arts.


TV Broadcast
The gala event/award ceremony will be broadcasted on Sept. 4, 2000 on the following networks:
3Sat - LIVE
ORF1 - late night transmission

Cyberarts exhibition at O.K. (Center for Contemporary Art, Linz)

http://www.netdump.org . http://www.netdump.org/press_kit/ars_electronica_00/

New found footage piece for the DIAGONALE. Format: video.

The short film "The Austria Placard" ("Das Österreich-Plakat"), which originated in February 2000, will be shown at this year's DIAGONALE (festival for Austrian film March 24 - April 2, 2000) as part of the program "Filmischer Körper".
Used found footage: from "1. April 2000" and from Asian TV newscast about the Austrian change of government in 2000.