Fashion heroes of consumption: models as people, people as models, sexually indistinguishable. Window mannequins photographed, manipulated with acrylic.


"When often working for months or years on one and the same complex media work, it feels good to work on paintings, too, in order to keep breathing. In this manner, I can let my energy out in spontaneous and sensitive forms of expression. A very important balance to the large projects that continuously demand strength and endurance...

Whenever possible I also like to let my art speak for itself and leave open room for interpretation on the part of the viewer."

Shopping, Fashion, Allure, Unisex

The fashion of the 20th century was determined by new interpretations of gender differences - even though Ernest Michahelles designed the first unisex article of clothing in 1919. The contrasts between the constructions of gender will no longer be clear in the series UNISEX. UNISEX doesn't make any distinction between mannequins and people. The total aesthetic determines charisma, character and action and allows the mannequins to turn into flesh. The shopping window becomes the stage of everyday life.

You - our heroes, rules of attraction, instruments of seduction - are finally taking over the world and we can appear in these cozy and rather warmly lit display cases in order to take your places. Aren't they beautiful? Our appetizers of sleepless shopping adventures take over reality - better than we ever could have; your wishes are our commands. Finally our prayers are answered - WE are the fashions, WE are now pop. Slowly their facades disintegrate, finally everything is new.
Now you are the life, we are the beauty - the fiction is history!


Mannequins, Photography, Digital Manipulation, Prints on Transfer Films and Canvas, Acrylic