A global platform for the exchange of data trash as an artistic mindset. Still at a time before Napster and other file-sharing platforms were born.

Short Description

Contrary to preconceived concepts around the topic of recycling, NETDUMP provided a platform for the reuse (transplantation) of discarded creativity into your own work. The original concept of a project specifically for media artists was converging ever more with the idea of upgrading datatrash to artistic material. Using client applications and a connection to the internet, you could dispose of your datatrash to NETDUMP and make it available for recycling processes to all other netdump users. The concept allowed for maximum scalability of the NETDUMP network. The use of widespread server and protocol technologies provided simplest expandability to NETDUMP.

The NETDUMP RECYCLE BIN (client) sat on top of the recycle bin of the operating system and functionally replaced it. Data trashed into the recycle bin was transferred directly to NETDUMP - wrapped in a package containing information about the waste generator and the data themselves - and erased locally.

Using the NETDUMP COLLECTOR it was then possible to search through data stored on NETDUMP by a variety of search criteria and download/stream this data to your own computer and recycle it.

A thought-out concept and a high level of complexity were evident in features such as automatic sorting of trash or variable restrictions on the number of downloads of a particular trash package allowed...

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