7 days/week

A manifest and working method for daily experiments, concepts, and performances on staging/reconnecting patterns of everyday life and integrating pedestrians.


The integration of passersby, public places, and everyday life in its own right is just as interesting for me as the staging and provocation of the everyday. I expect much emotion and authenticity from this for the works as well as for the process of discovery. Also, due to the fact that the course of the project is never completely predictable and the methods are unfixed, new thought-impulses and orientations constantly manifest themselves.
In addition, during the first execution of 7 days/week further techniques in this field should be found, particularly to be used in the experimental film production Kartonage.


During the first execution of the project, in 2002, after seven days in a row of such workdays (every day an experiment, concept, or work based on integration with or staging everyday/public life), the following week was used for reworking. For the wrap-up of the experiments, to work out the concepts, and also for further performances - each day a new piece, each day a new work. Out of this work came drafts in the most varied of forms: dummies, demos, teasers, campaigns, etc.


Beginning of development: Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Official project conclusion, for the time being: Friday, July 19, 2002