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About the Festival

Detour is the third edition of the international festival for contemporary and experimental video art. It takes place Nov 23 - Dec 3 2008. Detour features a program of experimental video screenings, presentations, discussions and a workshop for computer technologies applied to sound visual, installation and performance art.

Initiated by the Cairo-based artist initiative Medrar for Contemporary Art in 2005, this festival continues its focus on providing a platform for sharing and discussing newly produced high concept experimental videos. With this festival, the organizers seek to trigger a dialogue about the possibilities and limitations of this particular use of the medium of video today.

Contemporary Image Collective

The Contemporary Image Collective (CiC) is an independent non-profit artist initiative and space in Egypt dedicated to the visual image and the promotion of a contemporary visual language. Formed in 2004, CiC organises exhibitions, lectures, films screenings, workshops and multi-disciplinary programs, and offers professional facilities and services in an open and participatory environment.

CiC aims to trigger a critical dialogue around current visual culture and to promote the enrichment of the local visual culture by emphasizing the role of the visual image in shaping and documenting society at large.

Board Members

Jihan Ammar, Paul Ayoub-Geday, Cris Bouroncle, Hala Elkoussy, Rana ElNemr, Heba Farid, Thomas Hartwell, Barry Iverson, Bob Johnston, Maha Maamoun.

Medrar for Contemporary Art

Medrar for Contemporary Art is an association that aims to create opportunities for young visual artists based in Egypt. Medrar acts as a facilitator between emerging visual artists and organisations - cultural, corporate and philanthropic - interested supporting visual artistic practise. Medrar regularly organises events, festivals and workshops to promote and activate the visual arts in Egypt.


The festival program takes the format of a concise series of video screening on the rooftop of CiC accompanied by talks and discussions with active video-makers and curators to tackle some of key themes and issues presented in the works.

Video Program Part 2:
Ger Ger's video works Lantern Dogs and Luxor 22.145 can be seen in Cairo on Nov 30 2008, 8:30 PM.


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CIC Website