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About Pantheon Xperimental

Following the success of the previous experimental film festivals, the experimental music (Sonic Arts) and the Urban Soul Festival, the PANTHEON Cultural Association is quickly establishing itself as the official playground for Cypriot and International experimentalists.

Experimentation is described as an upcoming art movement, which has recently introduced itself to the Cyprus arts scene with surprising dynamism. In itself, experimentation can be seen objectively, individually and most of all personally. The character of any form of experimentation in art releases an honest and playful visual expression. The participants of the Xperimental festival have each developed their own unique style of film producing an atmospheric result either technically, visually, or through a given concept. The beauty of experimental films lies within its final result, and its result can best be described as removing boundaries and limits within art. The festival's main aim, throughout its brief but successful history, has been to give creative people of all kinds a medium and an opportunity to let them show the Cyprus audience their own personal visions through film. The Pantheon Cultural Association believes that experimentation in all forms of art must be supported in order to keep the vibe of fresh ideas and new ways of thinking alive.

Just like art does not confine itself to a painting on a piece of canvas, the artist of the twenty first century, is free to 'recreate' the world according to his or her own perception in subversive and revolutionary forms. The materials found by artists in their surroundings are boundless. The visual artist of the twenty first century, fearless when it comes to experimenting with new forms, rises against the status quo and makes challenging propositions.

People are called to enjoy the individual creations of some of Cyprus's and International's rapidly growing experimentalists and share their world during the Xperimental events.

Time | Location

Held from Nov 27-28 2009 in Nicosia | Cyprus.
Pantheon Gallery & Tritos

SOUND NOMADS is where entire squares, hotspots, fields, meadows, ponds and patterns from day-to-day life are instrumentalised and played. Surrounding objects get networked; manholes become recording studios; the movements of people, time bases; lamp-posts or mailboxes take the place of strings and keys.


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