Electrofringe 2009, Festival of Electronic Arts and Culture

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Electrofringe's impressive series of screenings include Ger Ger's SOUND NOMADS.


About Electrofringe

Electrofringe is Australia's largest and most successful festival of electronic arts and culture. Now in its twelfth year, the 2009 festival has attracted standocut local and international artists to its line-up. Over a huge five days, visitors experience a convergence of art and technology, ideas and inspirations. Reaching back to their roots while embarking in new directions, the program of Australian and international artists presents an exotravaganza of creativity, encompassing over fifty different events.

The festival is held in a variety of spaces across Newcastle from October 1-5 2009. Artists will descend on the city to amaze and astound their audiences with wacky and astonishing perceptions of reality, truth and the digital world. From the Australia Council for the Arts, Andy Donovan (Director of Inter-Arts) recognises the festival's international acclaim amongst artistic communities and the individual opportunities it generates for the audience and participants.

"Electrofringe is Australia's only festival dedicated to presenting experimental and emerging digital and media-based artforms. It is recognised internationally for supporting emerging artists who work in hybrid and media arts, and for its innovative program of presentation, skills development and artistic exchange."

Festival co-director, Daniel Green says "Electrofringe focuses on exchange between emerging artists and professional practitioners and for five days of every year, people from all around Australia (and also internationally) flock to Newcastle."

Festival co-director, Somaya Langley says "Each and every year the festival provides an opportunity for media artists to present their work, meet new people and form new collaborations. Electrofringe truly is representative of the range of individuals and types of practices happening within media arts in Australia and also in the world."

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Held from Oct 1-5 2009 in Newcastle, Australia.

SOUND NOMADS Screening: Oct 2 2009, 19:00-20:00
The Playhouse, Level 1, 375 Hunter Street

SOUND NOMADS is where entire squares, hotspots, fields, meadows, ponds and patterns from day-to-day life are instrumentalised and played. Surrounding objects get networked; manholes become recording studios; the movements of people, time bases; lamp-posts or mailboxes take the place of strings and keys.


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