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About Split Film Festival

The International Festival of New Film takes place every year in Split, Croatia. The Festival presents new, innovative, personal, experimental, radical, subversive work (film, video, new media) of all genres and lengths.

As recent developments indicate that more contemporary artists are looking for new ways of expression in audio visual medium, the festival presents works involving traditional film techniques or the latest technology of electronic image. The festival presents screenings of selected films and videos, installations, performances, retrospectives, and discussions.

Shorts Juries 2009

Terje Carlsson . Sweden | Fabrizio Ferrari . Italy | Danko Volaric . Croatia

Opening | Location

2009 Venues: The opening of the Festival has been held at the movie theatre "Central".
All screenings at the movie theaters "Karaman", "Golden Gate" and "Club Ghetto".
The retrospective of Nam June Paik has been held at the Multimedia Cultural Centre.


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