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Juried Exhibition . SN Performance "Luxor 22.145"

SOUND NOMADS Performance | Video Work . Luxor 22.145 Details

About Screengrab

Increasingly we live in a world which is marked by boundaries and difference. Our actions are categorised and labelled for reference, sign posting and evaluation.

Intervention is the new catchcry of these troubled times and no one is immune to its pervasive reach. Whether they be remote indigenous communities, Wall St bankers, tropical forests, the built environment, economies of the state, small gatherings in shopping malls, subliminal advertising, ISPs, online discussion forums or pop cultural sites like Facebook and the Sopranos.

Screengrab's inaugural exhibition and new media arts prize set out to uncover this sociotechno-cultural subtext by inviting digital practitioners working in screen based media to submit works which engaged with this theme.

The results are an eclectic mix of interactive media, game culture, lo-fi viral video, generative media and animation. Some works demand the user to create their own aesthetic while others grab purposely at the pixels which would normally only register as a flicker or a meme in the user's periphery.

Artists and programmers tackled the theme from a number of positions, some were technological interventions of the medium itself, while others placed notions of communication and exchange formats at the centre of their critique while others pursued directly the politically mediated currents of our time.

Participating Artists

Deborah Kelly, Ger Ger, Jason Nelson, Mathew Randall, Tomoyuki Yago, Hye Yeon Nam, Adam Cruces, Sharon Lenger, Alison Locke, Andrew Sunderland, Clint Enns, Daniel Blinkhorn, Jessica Westbrook, Karl Mendonca, Katie Bush, Jeanne Jo, Martin Kohout, Mary Hill, ...

Judging Panel

Jak Henson | Bernadette Ashley | Dr. Stephen Campbell

"The curatorial team was overwhelmed with entries and whittled the number down to 18 final works. The opening night of Screengrab was a huge success, with great feedback from all visitors and it has been well received over the last week by the general public."

Opening | Location

Opening Event: Aug 7 2009, 6PM 
Open: Mon – Fri 8:30AM – 4PM

The eMerge Media Space is part of the new School of Creative Arts complex at James Cook University, Douglas Campus. It is the first building on your left, on James Cook Drive, after you pass through the main JCU entrance.


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