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Ger Ger's SOUND NOMADS works will be part of both 'Kurye Performance Video Screening' I+II programs.
Black Balloons + Luxor 22.145 as part of Program I, Play! + Shoot Down Out as part of Program II.
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Kurye International Video Festival

Kurye, to bring international videos to Istanbul.

Videos, the rising stars of the contemporary art scene and new media alike, will meet art-lovers of Istanbul between June 2-12 2009 at Kurye International Video Festival. Organized by Kurye Video Organization, the festival is preparing to draw Istanbul's attention to video art and new media with a wide selection international of videos and extensive parallel events. The festival will take place in Akbank Sanat, Bilgi University Santral Campus and Talimhane Theater.

The guest of honor of Kurye International Video Festival is the renowned Australian artist Stelarc, who utilizes medical monitoring technologies, prosthetics, robotics and virtual reality in his works. Setting out to examine the limits of the human body and gaining renown with his works that bring together human body and art with technology and medicine, Stelarc will open up new horizons for the people of Istanbul with his speech on June 5, 2009 at Akbank Sanat.

The Kurye team chose works by 60 artists from 22 countries for screening. These videos, grouped under the main headings of animation, music videos and performance videos, will be screened in seven different sessions (Kurye Animation Selections, Kurye Music Videos and Experimental Works, Kurye Performance Video Selections, Kurye Video Selections) while the festival will also feature selections from numerous international video festivals and organizations.

Animations and music videos from the 2009 selection of the biggest digital film festival of the world, One Dot Zero festival, extending its activities to cover 60 countries since its inception in 1999; 2008 selection of Upgrade International, a network operating in 29 countries, curated by Başak Şenova; 2008 selection of the only synchronized short film festival of the world taking bringing together prestigious film festivals and art venues from Europe and beyond, Betting on Shorts; selection entitled Essence/Borders prepared specifically for Kurye Video Festival by Art Expo; selections from a young festival from Ukraine, Wiz-art Festival are all among the screenings devoted to our global partners.

Festival Program Excerpt

Akbank Sanat Schedule:
June 4, Thursday:
12:00 Kurye Performance Videos Screening I
14:00 Kurye Performance Videos Screening II
June 9, Tuesday:
14:00 Kurye Performance Videos Screening II
June 11, Thursday:
12:00 Kurye Performance Videos Screening II

Bilgi University Santral Campus Schedule (E1 Building- 306):
June 8, Monday:
12:00 Kurye Performance Videos Screening I
June 10, Wednesday:
12:00 Kurye Performance Videos Screening II
June 11, Thursday:
12:00 Kurye Performance Videos Screening I
June 12, Friday:
14:30 Kurye Performance Videos Screening II

Opening Party: June 2, 21:00 | Dirty
Akbank Sanat Video Screenings: June 3/4/5/9/10/11/12, 2009, 12:00- 19:30
Bilgi University Santral Campus Video Screenings: June 6-12, 2009, 12:00-18:00 | E1 Building – Room 306
Stelarc Seminar: June 5, 2009, 19:00 | Akbank Sanat
"Body, Technology and Art" Panel: June 6, 2009, 12:00 | Bilgi University Santral Campus E4 Building – Room 305
Cie Mulleras Performance: June 10, 2009, 20:00 | Talimhane Theater

About Kurye Video Organization

Kurye Video Organization is the only independent and international organization focusing exclusively on video in Turkey. Operating as an archive, Kurye Video Organization also works as an agency both locally and internationally. Currently, the archive includes 620 videos by 250 artists from 42 countries. Over the past three years, Kurye organized numerous exhibitions, special screenings and AV events alongside three international video festivals.

Opening | Location

Opening Party: June 2, 21:00
Festival Program: June 2-12 2009
Akbank Sanat, Bilgi University Santral Campus, Talimhane Theater - Istanbul, Turkey.


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