Electrohype 2000

Art Conference and Juried Group Show

Interactive | Experimental | Exhibition

Ger Ger is shown at the Electrohype 2000 event in Malmo: with net art in the web exhibition, in space and in the conference program and with his work NETDUMP.



Electrohype 2000 is Electrohype's first exhibition. The event also included a conference and a workshop. It took place in Malmo the autumn 2000. Electrohype 2000, October 25-29, received good response from many different groups and areas, and was a very successful meeting between artists, academics and the public. Electrohype 2000 received really good media response and coverage in newspapers, radio and TV.

Electrohype SPACE
At the Electrohype exhibition SPACE, computer controlled installations, CD-ROM projects, interactive film, etc. where shown. The works where on display in different localities in central Malmo: the Public Library, the Rostrum Gallery and Kajplats 305.

Electrohype WEB Exhibition
The virtual exhibition was established at www.electrohype.org so anyone with Internet access could visit it. The web exhibition started on October 25 and ended November 11.

The web exhibition was designed by Jesper Søholm, Bizart | Köpenhamn.

Electrohype CONFERENCE
The conference had three themes for the discussions:

• The computer as media
• The machine in the social geography
• Collecting, keeping and selling digital art

The conference took place October 27-29.

Electrohype ONLINE
The Electrohype conference was directly represented in an online, 3D world. The freeware browser, Onlive Traveller, gave those interested the possibility of active participation during the conference, using their own computers.

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