Open '00

Art Conference and juried exhibition

Art Conference | Invitation | Exhibition

Ger Ger is invited to Open 2000 in London. Keynotes and presentations in the Roundhouse and in the Interchange Studios ...and with his work NETDUMP.


Open '00

Open is a multi-sited, international art program taking place in Camden on November 6-7, 2000. Styled as a creative laboratory the program features a number of inter-linked events including exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, webcasts, and keynote speeches. Open explores the impact of digital technology on emerging arts practice and youth culture.

The event takes its cue from one of the most intriguing stories in digital information history - the phenomenon of open-source software. Open explores the implications of the open-source model for the dissemination of information in visual culture. The model holds rich possibilities for a number of related issues including how today's emerging artists make art and how we access that art. Furthermore the open-source model can help in thinking about how contemporary art might be accessed by a wider audience through new teaching and discursive practices.

The hub of the event is the network of tunnels and spaces beneath the Camden Roundhouse - the Undercroft. The intricate layout of the space will act as a metaphor for the intellectual site-map of the event. As a venue famous for its music and art associations, it will house exhibitions and digital link-ups to the other sites of Open as well as to related virtual worlds. The other locations have been chosen for their symbolic value as sites of learning and information dissemination - the British Library, Interchange Studios and Haverstock School.