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Artists show television: particular TV contributions within the form and/or content of conventional TV-genres will be highlighted on Sunday November 4 at 3 PM 2001, tvrolle will be presented as part of the exhibition
'TELEVISIONS | Kunst sieht fern'.

Kartonage Test Performances #1

The contribution of Ger Ger for tvrolle was a specially adapted cut of Kartonage test performances #1 for the Kunsthalle. The performances took place in public in Linz as part of Ars Electronica.

The Kunsthalle Wien

The Kunsthalle Wien is the exhibition institution of the City of Vienna | Austria for international contemporary art. It established itself as one of the most vital facilities for contemporary art in Vienna at two locations in the centre of the city (Karlsplatz and the MuseumsQuartier). In the interest of an expanded understanding of art, the Kunsthalle Wien emphasizes cross-genre, cross-border trends in the arts.

Program highlights range from photography, video, film, and installations to new media. Large, subject-specific exhibitions present developments and correlations from Modernism to the present-day art world. Other program elements are dedicated to retrospectives of important contemporary artists and significant contributions in Austrian art after 1945.

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