Performances | Work in Progress

As part of the Ars Electronica 2001, one of the most important festivals worldwide for media artists, Ger Ger conducts one of the first test performances of Kartonage together with a group of actors and coaches in public.

Kartonage Film Production

The performances represent an important foundation on many levels for the film project Kartonage. The realization of the script will transform into a production of the film and then into performances. Public actions with the integration from pedestrians and a hidden camera.

T.O.C. Takeover Campus

In T.O.C. Campus, the performances on the following days can be viewed in a roughly edited format. After every performance day [three in a row], the new material will be viewed and discussed. They are presentations of a work in progress.


The performances will be conducted and discussed together with two coaches from Switzerland.

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