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Group Show 'MOVING OUT'

Freeze Soundproject

Ger Ger's Freeze Soundproject is part of the LAB-AC.AT compilation in the exhibition MOVING OUT at the MUMOK.
The work will be presented on a sound island.

About Freeze Soundproject

The Exhibition

The title of the exhibition MOVING OUT indicates the fact that the University of Applied Arts is presenting its diploma works for the first time outside its own walls to the public. Yet the title is also an invitation to visitors to consciously move outside the aesthetic worlds of the representational art of the major museums and the art market that is dominated by established galleries and biennales.

This exhibition of selected diploma works is also a documentation of the quality of the studies at the University of Applied Arts and further proof of the position of the University for Applied Arts among the best art schools.

Oscar Wilde postulated that art should not depict life, but rather that life should depict art! As a visitor to this exhibition, give your natural curiosity and your capacity for amazement and questions enough scope to enter into the realities proposed by these young artists! In this way, you will certainly profit from your visit to this exhibition, and so will art.

Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig

The Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien (MUMOK) is the largest Austrian Museum for modern and contemporary art. Its collection of Pop Art and Photo-Realism (Austrian Ludwig Foundation), Fluxus and Nouveau Réalisme (Hahn Collection), and Viennese Actionism allows visitors to gain unique insights into recent history, its avant-garde tendencies, and its focus on reality and action.

Other progressive movements, represented by major works of Concept Art, Minimal Art, Land Art, and Arte Povera, can also be viewed, and gain new topicality and poignacy in the context of installation and object art as well as more recent examples of media art and discourse. The collection comprises about 7,000 works.

An entire level is reserved for special exhibitions. There is also a separate exhibition hall - with a screening room - for present-day and related discourse called MUMOK Factory.

Overall usable space: 14,500 square meters . Exhibition space: 4, 515 square meters . Storage space: 1,223 square meters

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http://www.mumok.at . http://www.dieangewandte.at

'The Exhibition' Text Source:
Excerpt from rector Gerald Bast's editorial. Vienna, June 2001