re-new/ICAD Arts Festival and Conference

Installation . SOUND NOMADS

SOUND NOMADS Performance | Video Installation

Seven SOUND NOMADS video works will be on display at the re-new digital arts forum 2009 in Copenhagen | Denmark. An invitation for live performance action unfortunately had to be refused [schedule collision].

re-new/ICAD 2009

re-new 2009 presents during May 18-22 in Copenhagen a wide selection of the newest ground-breaking works in digital music, video, installations, performative, and distributed | collaborative art. Such Digital Art is no longer an avantgarde field, but has become an integral part of our present-day Digital Culture, and re-new 2009 focus on the actual, practical, and artistic usages that people make of the latest technological novelties and scientific ponderings.

The re-new digital arts forum sees media technologies as socio-cultural techniques and embrace them in order to comprehend, comment, and contribute to the shaping of contemporary society.

re-new seeks out artistic practices that not only respond to scientific or technical developments, but that try to influence the way in which we experience, understand, and embody these technologies.

Works in all genres and categories in multimedia related art forms where digital technologies are an unseparable part are inside the scope of re-new: those works that challenge or expand the current vocabulary and practice of digital creation, performance, and consumption. Over 30 individual events with nearly 100 artworks, and re-new 2009 hereby becomes an internatonal meeting-point for artists and art consumers.

The main activity of re-new – digital arts forum is the annual re-new Festival/Conference in which the latest digital art from all over the world is presented and discussed, and where its methods are taught. re-new's artistic emphasis makes it unique and in best accordance with the changing ecology of the global creative environment. re-new emphazises global artistic values, which is seen as an inherent aspect of digital arts' democratic scope.

The hosted conference is ICAD 2009 – International Conference for Auditory Displays – which is a forum for presenting research on the use of sound to display data, monitor systems, and provide enhanced user interfaces for computers and virtual reality systems. It is organized jointly with the CMMR 2009.


Performances and presentations take place throughout Copenhagen Centre in a variety of venues.

A 6.72 meters wide, 11.69 meters high, and 1.50 meters deep video screen made from 10mm SMD LED video tiles with an embedded, hi-powered d&b PA system.

A versatile and attractive four-story building with cafe, club venue, cinema, black box theatre, restaurant, and a variety of spaces for installations and workhops.

Erected in 1787 for the Royal Copenhagen Shooting Society and the Danish Brotherhood, it hosts one of the most beautifull halls in Copenhagen. Next to the building is a museum street reconstructed to the earlier times of Copenhagen, complete with antique street fixtures and an old kiosk.

Time | Location

May 18-22 at the Huset i Magstræde in Copenhagen.

Experience Equipo & MiPrimerDrop (Barcelona), dak-tilde (Hannover), TimeArt (worldwide) and lots more. Immerse yourself in installations by ao. Jonas R. Kirkegaard (Århus), Ger Ger (Berlin), and Robert Derr (USA), who will be doing his 'Chance:Copenhagen' performance video.


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