'So Fresh!' People's Choice Award, Monfalcone, Italy

International Competition . Video & Visual Artists . Sound Nomads

The Award

Ger Ger's SOUND NOMADS was rewarded with the publication of a catalog and a DVD as well as an exhibition that is staged in international spaces and galleries dedicated to contemporary art.

In view of the competition, which aims to promote contemporary artistic languages, the choice of the jury turned to the artists who have proposed a new and innovative research that, working with techniques and approaches, were able to be original witnesses of our daily.

About So Fresh!

The association wanted to provide an opportunity for video/visual artists and directors under the age of 30, in the regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Veneto, Slovenia and Austria, to explore their creativity through audio-visual production. With the 2009 exhibition, in addition to collaborating with the GC.AC-Galleria comunale d'Arte Contemporanea of Monfalcone, other organizations are involved: the Associazione culturale Lucide and the Associazione culturale Scimmie Bisiache.

The competition has resulted in 10 videos being chosen for exhibition at the GC.AC - Galleria Comunale d'Arte Contemporanea of Monfalcone (I) September 04-06, 2009, the Gradisca d'Isonzo (I) October 10, 2009, the Stazione Rogers of Trieste (I) November 17-29, 2009, the Art-Kino Croatia of Rijeka (HR) December 07-13, 2009, the Galleria Medusa of Koper-Capodistria (SLO) January 22-24, 2010, and the Mestna Galerija of Nova Gorica (SLO) February 26-28, 2010.

These presentations and the accompanying catalog, are designed to highlight and promote the work of these artists - artists who employ video in work connected to the use of traditional, electronic, and information technologies as means of artistic expression.


GC.AC So Fresh!