Best of Show Award Gallery RFD, USA

Group Show 'Unauthorized: Art Without Permission'. Award for 'What the Fuck'.

The Award

The work "What The Fuck" has been honored the Best of Show award. Together with "Luxor 22.145" the honored work will be on display at the Gallery RFD Feb 14 - Mar 7 2009.

About the Exhibition

When works by the graffiti artist Banksy began to be retouched by city council members in the UK to conserve them from other offending 'tags' placed on top of his, the world of the Graffiti book earned a new chapter. After the same artist, armed only with a fake beard, extra strength glue and a trench coat walked into four of New York's most prestigious museums and placed his own work on the walls, artists the world over had a new sense of power. Why are we waiting to put our work in a museum?

Unauthorized was a call for intelligent works of art that don't wait. Work, which engages, or interacts with its surroundings despite laws or authorities who say it shouldn't. No permission, no problem.

Guest Juror

Wendy DesChene | Foundations Chair | Auburn University


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