Jury Recommended Work, [13th] Japan Media Arts Festival

Jury Recommended Work . SOUND NOMADS . Excellent Work

Art Division Jury Recommended Work

Out of award-winning works of the 2009 [13th] Japan Media Arts Festival, the jury committee has recommended
SOUND NOMADS as excellent work in the Art Division 'Visual Image'.

About the Japan Media Arts Festival

The 2009 [13th] Japan Media Arts Festival has been held February 3 - February 14, 2010 at
The National Art Center, Tokyo.

SOUND NOMADS was also introduced at the Kyoto Art Center as the feature program for the Art Division.

The Japan Media Arts Festival has been an annual event since 1997. Its aim is to promote the creation and development of media arts. The Festival highlights creative works of art, entertainment, animation, and manga. At the same time, it also presents a broad range of creative activities.

Art works selected and awarded from among 2,592 entries from 54 nations and regions are exhibited. During the 11-day exhibition, symposia, presentations, workshops, the Leading Edge Technology Showcase are also be held.


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